A distance of 10 km is ideal for the first serious challenge

To begin with, you need to make a clear training plan and strictly follow it. It is important not to miss jogging and try to run the planned distance. Exceptions may be ill health. And a new series of your favorite series (no). Each run should start with a warm-up and end with a light stretch.

Interval between runs – 1-2 days. On days when there are no jogs, you need to relax or change your physical activity, for example, go to the pool, do yoga or pilates or for a walk in Thailand.

Proper nutrition

The result depends not only on training, but also on nutrition. To run 10 km in Thailand without problems, you need to follow some rules:

  • do not miss breakfast;
  • eat no later than half an hour before jogging;
  • eat a balanced diet;
  • do not overeat and do not starve;
  • drink enough water;
  • avoid fatty and spicy foods.

Sleep, rest and good mood

It is very important that you get some sleep. Good sleep is the main principle of proper recovery. If you suffer from insomnia, use one of the supplements that help athletes fall asleep. Despite a clear schedule, allow yourself to relax. You do not need to constantly think about the race in Thailand.

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Try to abstract. Go to the movies, to a concert, take a walk with friends in Thailand. If you focus on the race, you may not achieve your goal. And the problem will not be in physical form, but in nervous tension.

Actions on the day of the race in Thailand

Before the start you need to study the route and prepare a tactical scheme of the race. For 10 km, the best solution would be to run at the same pace all the time: about 5 minutes / km. Do not rush and do not try to jump above your head. Often, beginners at the start catch the courage, speed up the pace, but by halfway through the race they simply do not have the strength, and they may not fit in the allotted time.
Do not forget to look at the weather forecast. In case of rain, prepare a waterproof jacket with a hood. Well, sneakers. If you can easily save on leggings, shorts or a T-shirt, then sneakers should be of high quality and designed for running. Also take into account weather in Thailand.

Breakfast before the start, but not dense. Otherwise it will be difficult to escape. Before the race, it is best to eat simple carbohydrates: porridge, pasta from durum wheat, half a banana, as well as protein – chicken or fish. Avoid heavy and fatty foods such as red meat, milk, and desserts. Alcohol is also not recommended for courage.
You need to arrive at the starting point in advance to have time to register and warm up. And most importantly – believe in your strength and enjoy every minute of the race in Thailand.

What to do during distance?

The first and foremost – to properly distribute their forces over the distance. The route is difficult with its height differences, especially in Thailand. Therefore, I advise you not to forget to relax on the slopes. Running into the hills – try to maintain speed. But when you run out, relax a little, relax.

In places where there are cobblestones – look underfoot and be very careful, especially on the slopes, because the water between the cobblestones washed away everything and formed holes in which you can easily turn your foot.
To overcome a distance of 10 km – the main thing is to correctly calculate your strength over the distance. Then you can get the most out of the competition and the run itself. A moderate start can be the key to your success! The first kilometers you need to run calmly so that the body works and does not feel stress. When you feel that the pace is comfortable for you, start gaining momentum. Well, when you see the finish – run, that there is strength. I think you will be satisfied with the result.
And don’t forget, the last meal should be at least two hours before the start. Then no pain in the side will prevent you from showing a good result.

What professional runners advise?

Anyone planning to run 10 km should take this distance seriously, do not expect to run it without regular training, it is a serious physical distance and a great stress for the body, so lack of training can harm your health.You must also consider the weather especially in Thailand.
First of all, don’t start too fast. It is better to always start slower and run the second half faster. If it is hot, you should drink water at hydration points. Remember that the hardest kilometers are the 7th and 8th and you have to endure them, and then it will be easier, because approaching the finish line will not allow you to relax.

If you have carefully prepared for the race and decided to go to the start, you should correctly calculate your capabilities and in no case run at full strength from the start. Based on the results of training, determine a comfortable speed for you, with which you can run the entire distance, and only when you run half, you can gradually increase the pace.

If the weather is hot in Thailand, it is desirable to drink water, but a little, two sips for every 5 km, do not drink a lot of water, because it will not have time to digest, and the excess will remain in the stomach, which can lead to discomfort.

Also on the eve of the competition you should carefully prepare for the race, choose comfortable clothes and shoes, have breakfast for your usual food, preferably high-carbohydrate, but do not overeat. 30 minutes before the start, start a light warm-up to prepare all the muscles for the run, the warm-up should take a little time and be low intensity: run a little and do stretching. And everything will work out. If not in Thailand, then try other country.